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Welcome to my blog about Enamels & Enameling of Cloisonne Jewelry, Plique a Jour, Champleve and many other Enamel Jewelry Techniques. This site is a donation of everyones time to further the education of the fine art of enameling.

Each Topic on the  left of this page is a chapter that is constantly growing as I add demos and information to them. So visit often and learn the beautiful art of Cloisonne and many other Enamel techniques.

I create Gold Enamel Jewelry, from my own designs and custom enamel jewelry. It is wonderful to help a client design a unique piece of jewelry that is like no one else’s. I don’t know about you, but I do not like to look like everyone else. I am a unique individual  and want what I wear to say so. If you ever want to take your enamel jewelry, plique a jour or cloisonné jewelry to the next level do not hesitate to contact me to help. I only create the finest enamel jewelry.

If you are in the area and have time check out the Newark Museum at 49 Washington St Newark NJ. 07102.  A Jewelry Exhibition is opening June 27, 2015 I was up visiting earlier this month and there will be some fabulous jewels. One I and several friends were able to view closely was the Ada Rehang Brooch. This 18k gold Art Nouveau Plique a Jour jewel, Circa 1900, is amazing in design, and in the technique of Plique a Jour. Honestly the most beautiful piece I have ever seen. And check back as we collect more information on this fabulous jewel!


The jewel is stamped Marcus and Co. But we are not sure who would have enameled the jewel? Could it have been hires out? Maybe to Paris as artist were engaged in the art of Plique a Jour at this time, but we really did not see it in the US. IMG_1658

Look at the joints in the jewels, yes it moves, beautifully! Weather worn as a brooch or a pendant it lays beautifully!



                                 2015 The Enamelist Society Conference

              Save the dates for Alchemy 3, August 5-12, 2015 in Beverly, MA.

Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA will host Alchemy 3, our 2015 biennial (every 2 years) Conference, Workshops and Juried Exhibitions.  The Conference will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 7- 9:   Pre- Conference Workshops on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, August 5-7; and Post-Conference Workshops on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday August 10, 11, and 12th.

Workshops presented by enameling artist: Jessica Calderwood, Gillie Byrom, Delia Dante, Cynthia Ed, Amy Lyons, Jim Malenda, Dennis Nahabetian, and Barbara Seidenath.

                 ***Come join us in learning and sharing more about enameling! Registration is open!                    http://www.enamelistsociety.org/Activities/Conference.html See you there!


When I began exploring enameling there were no classes offered. As I have mentioned before I found the book Enamel, Enameling, Enamelist, and studied for years in my garage till I fiqued out how to create clear beautiful and colorful enamels. Today there are many classes, so many you probably do not need to leave town to study the beautiful art of enameling. Besides the Enamelist Society’s listings of Guilds in your area, check out the quarterly magazine Glass on Metal. http://www.glass-on-metal.com

Thompson’s Enamel offers classes as well as the finest non-leaded enamels. Mr Carpenter has decided his life to creating enamels since the 40’s, beginning for commercial use. Then moving to creating enamels for art jewelry techniques.  One of the most amazing thing to me was when he had beautiful leaded enamels he transformed them into non-leaded enamels believing it was safer for the artist. This turn over took many years of research, trial, and dedication! An amazing man!



My KILNS for enameling and other artist needs. Jewelers, potters, glass work, and PMC Kilns. They are hot, fast, portable and most affordable. Kilns with 5 Star reviews!

Patsy Croft Kiln #55-IP, front 




Here is a quick view of our 55F-IP model. This is the 5 x 5 interior with an Analog controller. I have just launched my dedicated website for these kilns. Check it out here  Kilns

We just had our first International order ship! Very exciting.

Take a minute and check out my Jeweler’s Tools for Sale page. Making some changes in my passion direction! 

My venture in enameling recently has led to broadening my development of Plique a Jour.  A magazine cover from a Garden and Gun a few years ago really triggered it.



My first though when it arrived was “how beautiful this flower would be in plique! You might have seen the first jewel I created from this image,

Pitcher-Plant-PendantAnd it won me a place as a finalist in the Saul Bell Awards that year. So I am off again creating plique a jour jewels.



See this little tool, the Deep Throat Dial Caliper?!  This handy little tool will help you measure the thickness of your enamel around the entire surface of your piece.  It’s very important for the thickness of the counter enamel to match the thickness of the top enamels, or you run the risk of cracking.  So, go on over to Contenti Tools and purchase yourself a pair.  Here is the link for the tool:  http://contenti.com/measuring-n-testing/calipers-n-sliding-gauges/deep-throat-dial-caliper




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8 thoughts on “Enameling Hotline of Cloisonné & Many Other Enameling Techniques

  1. rose

    Hi there,

    I have this enamel ring that is very old but damaged, and I am wondering if there is someone in New York who can repair it. But first of all: is it repairable? If you’d like, I have more photos I can send as well, but I can only post one at a time here…

    Thank you for your expert advice!

  2. Barbara Lewis

    Hi Patsy, Thank you so much for the information on hard enameling! I always check your website first … because usually I’ll find the answer here! All the best, Barbara

  3. Concepcion

    Superb website you have here but I was wondering if you knew
    of any community forums that cover the same topics talked about in this article?
    I’d really like to be a part of group where I can get feedback
    from other experienced people that share the same interest.
    If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Kudos!

  4. Wayne Houston

    Hi Patsy,

    I am looking for information on how to make both transparent and opaque caucasian skin colors. Thanks in advance for any help you might offer.

    1. Patsy Croft Post author

      Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for the visit.I want to share a couple of photo to answer your question. Some reason I can not add them here so I will start a new Topic and call it Painting Enamels. It will show up on the top left of the site.

      Let me know if I can be of further help, Patsy

  5. Kerri

    Great info and site! I hope you do not mind my curiosity but I am looking for more plique a jour info on classes. I am interested in Cloisenee for a few distinct applications- but feel led into plique a jour for its aesthetic relief when used for accent.

    I realize that the plique a jour is the higher tier of enamelling arts- but think it would accentuate a myriad of my own personal interests well.

    I am trying to establish a few contacts and build a few relationships with artists who are indeed educating their public- and your site is definitely one of my favorites!

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you- By the way- I too, have taken a course at Wildacres- Fred Sias’s lost wax casting- and am looking into John Campbell and William Holland for classes- any reccomendations of instructors or starter books that are not coffee-table books?

    Thanks again. And I look forward to communicating more with you as time goes on!

    Kerri Duncan
    Silver Forge Studio

    1. Patsy Croft Post author

      Hi Kerri,

      Thanks for the visit. Contact Diane about classes here “http://www.plique-a-jour.com” she is currently have classes and is in the Miami area. On casting try Tim McCreight’s book Practical Casting Rio has it item #550-185. He is very clear in his teaching techniques.

      Have fun and visit again, Patsy


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