Enamel on Brass

You can enamel on brass.  Art Enameling on Metals by H.H. Cunynghame refers to enameling on brass. And Thompson’s Enamel sells it. Gilder’s Metal  is how it is listed and it is copper with a bit of zinc, 95% – 5 %.  It works with transparent enamels, sold for gold, silver, and copper, = medium expansion enamels, according to the their experts and you have no need for flux as it does not oxidize like copper.

Don’t fire it too often. After three or more firings, the enamel can jump off. Enamelled badges and emblems are very often made of gilding metal.

2 thoughts on “Enamel on Brass

  1. Emailkunst

    I think the term “brass” for a copper alloy of 95% copper and 5% Zinc is wrong. The term brass is normally used for an alloy of copper and zinc of 67 or less % copper and 33 or more % zinc. Is the copper content in the alloy is lower the 67% you use the term brass. Is the copper content more then 67% you should uses the term “Tombak”, or “Gilder’s metal” so as you write.

    1. Patsy Croft Post author

      You are completely right. Most beginning enamelers I get this question from do not know the difference, and it is a term = brass that has been used for years.Once they look for such a metal as brass to enamel on they get directed to the Gilder’s metal or Tombak.
      It is like my husband selling copier and everyone says they need a Xerox made, not a copy.

      Thank you for your visit! Patsy


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