Enameling on Brass

Everyday someone visits this site asking if they can enamel on brass. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara Lewis whom has not only developed torch firing enamels but has produced a line of brass jewels for enameling.

Here at her store you can pick up and the supplies and instruction you need to achieve enameling on brass! She sells Thompson’s Unleaded Enamels for this so if you already have your enamels get some of her brass jewels and get started playing!


Happy enameling!

2 thoughts on “Enameling on Brass

  1. Judi

    This is probably unusual but I’m look for information on an old (100+ years I’m told) cloisonne saki set. I’ve looked on-line and Amazon and there is nothing even similar. Can you recommend a site or other area I can research? Thanks for any help, Judi


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