“One on One” Enameling Classes by Patsy Croft

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Classes of Enamels and  Enameling with Beautiful Colors!
As a professional, have you ever found yourself needing a little help. But your schedule is tight, and it is hard to get away for a week or weekend enameling class when they are offered around the country. I have been in this situation and as an instructor it has given me the opportunity to offer daily or weekly private tutoring, to meet your needs, year- round from my studio in Orange Beach Al.

For more information:
Contact me directly Call (205) 478-9977
Email me: patsy@alohilanidesigns.com

Enameling Classes offered:
Cloisonne Enameling
Plique a jour
Champleve Fusion of high karat metals
Granulation and Stone setting


“Wonderful class, far exceeded my expectations, learned more this week than I have in the past two years.”

“Excellent instruction. You handle varied skill levels easily. The class was encouraging and motivational.”

“Patsy did a marvelous job. I’ll be back in the near future, what a treat!”

“Patsy is exceptional, she is a joy to work with, full of enthusiasm, very understanding and helpful. Her skills are extraordinary and reflect the professionalism of her work.”

“Patsy is an awesome teacher. true example of patience. Her work is superior. She is totally willing to share knowledge, supplies and energy.”

“Outstanding teacher. I came with a specific purpose and was opened to a world of possibilities.”

“This was a fabulous class, Patsy is more than a great instructor, her personality, kindness and desire to help made me relax and be more successful with the difficulty of the projects.”

“I found Patsy to be one of the most genuine and generous teachers that I have ever met.  She makes you feel like you can do anything. And is willing to help you do anything. She genuinely love enamels and precious metals. I have also taken classes at her studio and she designed them around what it was that I wanted to learn.  She gave me direction on my artwork and got excited about an idea I had and helped me figure that out and even call me to see how it was coming (Yes Patsy I am working on it) If you get the opportunity to take a class with Patsy do so.  But just be prepared to be tired afterwards.  Her energy level is contagious and she told me she like for people to get their moneys worth and boy did I.”

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