Enameling on Brass, Can you Enamel on Brass

Enameling on brass is the least expensive metal to enamel on but it is also the least friendly.

Enameling is growing again in popularity in the US, and many look to brass because of is low cost.

Thompson’s Enamel sell what is called guided metal which is brass with 5% zinc and 95% copper, = Brass. This is a brass you can enamel on. Caution need to be used to plan you execution of the enameling plan as you only have 2-3 firings before  the enamels like to pop off.

One reason you will see limited colors and opaques used on brass.

2 thoughts on “Enameling on Brass, Can you Enamel on Brass

  1. Bonnie bebko

    Hi Patsy,
    I have a vintage trinket box made in India that I would like to restore the paint on. Can it be done? Is it worth it? I can send you pics when you have the time. Thank you for your time.

    1. Patsy Croft Post author

      Bonnie I would not be able to repair the box. Most of the time it is more expensive to repair than to cost of the box. There are a couple of artist I have listed on the site you can contact.


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