Making Your Own Trivets

I am sure you all have come to the point at some time the standard trivets just will not work to support the jewel you have created. Times like this push us to be inventive.


You can see this is an odd shape Plique a Jour Necklace, and in the enameling process it needs to be turned different directions. This trivet is made from kiln fire brick and heat tempered wire. There is ordering information under resources for the wire.






In the next trivet I have created a long thin cloisonne jewel and if I use standard trivets the enamel jewel would warp if the side could not be supported.









Again this is kiln fire brick. You can use your jeweler’s saw to cut these shapes, then a half round hand file to make a grove to place the cloisonne jewel on. The sides are supported and the back is not touching the enameling trivet. This way the counter enamel that is required in this cloisonne jewel is just as pretty as the front. I have a fire cloth lying between the brick and the enamel so I will not have any of the firebrick dust in the enamel back.

I have added this one this week as I was enameling cufflinks and needed a way to fire both sides at once and not have the enamel touching anything.

Enameling trivets can also be a challenge  when enameling in a trinket kiln. I see enameling artist searching the internet for a trivet to fit in the small trinket kiln. The first image is a one inch square of stainless steel, with the corners bent up. Using a pair of needle nose pliers you can easily place this trivet in and out of a trinket kiln.

The next small simple trivet is made from the Heat Tempered Wire you can order and bend to your needs. This fits easily into the trinket kiln and the trivet will not disturb any of the enameling surfaces.


Happy Enameling, Patsy


6 thoughts on “Making Your Own Trivets

  1. Fran Zainal

    thnaks for sharing. I make trivets too with tops of cans (iron cans of course) , they can be used a number of time depending on metal thickness. They are so easy and fast to make that it is worth it. you can make them in all siez..depending on the cans too
    I put the tutorial on the website link

    I love your work and your blog !!!

  2. Joel Katz

    Hi Patsy!!
    Liked your ideas for making trivets & using that High Temp Wire, yet when dialed up Clay King site did not see or find what you spoke of. Any additional info you could kindly provide on which of their categories to peruse would be much appreciated. Thank you kindly/Joel

  3. Monica

    Hi Patsy, where do i get the fire cloth from? Can I use it under bigger pices. More specificaly 4″ copper tile?

  4. Kat

    These are ingenious!! I have kiln brick sitting around, and also the hi-temp wire. I never thought of making my own. Thanks so much, and thanks for being such a wonderful resource!!


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