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I am a cloisonné enamel jewelry designer, studying beauty, and this waste and over-consumerism impacts me profoundly. Therefore, I am committed to create a quality jewel, enamel jewelry that lasts, that is timeless. I execute my art to be one-of-a-kind, that become cherished family heirlooms, and speak to permanence, striking natural beauty and using adornment to set oneself apart.

I also dedicate myself to sharing what I’ve been fortunate to learn.  I teach the fine art of creating cloisonné jewelry because I feel I’m a born teacher and I seek to help others develop their art.  I am not afraid to give out my secrets.  I feel that artists, as a group, can grow faster when we share, and in sharing, this  brings our art to a different, higher level.   My one-on-one classes in my studio allow my students to focus on their own needs, learn in less time, and grow.

You can contact me for enameling art of cloisonné, plique a jour, champleve and want metal smithing techniques.. I would be happy to assist you.  I work in 18k – 22k gold and fine silver.

Patsy Croft

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