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See this little tool, the Deep Throat Dial Caliper?!  This handy little tool will help you measure the thickness of your enamel around the entire surface of your piece.  It’s very important for the thickness of the counter enamel to match the thickness of the top enamels, or you run the risk of cracking.  So, go on over to Contenti Tools and purchase yourself a pair.  Here is the link for the tool:  http://contenti.com/measuring-n-testing/calipers-n-sliding-gauges/deep-throat-dial-caliper


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5 thoughts on “Tidbit for the Day

  1. Mark Thurm

    Hi Patsy
    do you know if Tuff Break is still available ? I read that Mr Woell passed.
    Thank you for your great site and your inspiring work .

    1. Patsy Croft Post author

      Mark, Thanks for the visit and your kind works. I know he passed, I have not tried to contact the family to see if anyone took over his business. Good luck, Patsy

      1. Patsy Croft Post author

        Mark, I had a note from Jan Van Diver, an excellent cloisonné artist that had noticed your comment. She did a little looking around and found this info. “I have something good-to share. I was on your site, popped over to the blog to see what’s new, saw someone looking for Tuff Brake. I spoke to the manufacturer. They have a few partial rolls (they are normally 100 feet) and they are simply prorated by the foot.

        84’ x 4” for $78.00 (the 0.15” thickness)
        54’ x 6” for $75 (also .015”)
        80’ x 6” (.030 thickness) for $176.

        I guess the thinner is about .93 a foot, the thicker 2.20 a foot. Certainly 100’ rolls are available as well.

        The woman I spoke to was super nice, her name is Katharine. Their phone number is 1-800-637-6694 and company name is Anrob (Andrew Roberts Inc) in Masachussetts.

        Thanks to Jan!!

  2. Aimee

    I love all of your information here! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I have been back many times to try and remedy some of my enameling issues!! Your enameling is amazing!!!


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