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Welcome to my Enameling Blog of Cloisonné Jewelry Techniques and others, Plique a Jour, Champlevé Enameling and yes Painting Enamels.


My site is a donation of everyone’s time to share and further the education of the fine art of enameling techniques. I am very happy to answer questions to help you, but please ask here and not emailing me directly. At the bottom of this page there is a comment section. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!!

I share my life’s passion and inspiration with anyone who wishes to read. I am a self-taught enamelist and goldsmith. I did not live here in the US where there was a knowledge base and to my advantage, my knowledge came from trial and error and today I continue to build on trial and error.


Read, test, fail, analyze, try again and you will surely learn.


















  Hirosawa enamels from Mer’s EnamelWorkshop

“I’m super excited to offer these wonderful leaded enamels 🙂 including one of my all time favourites SB109C, a muted grey-purple – I know, I am not a very exciting person! But Japanese enamels shine in these muted, what-colour-is-that-actually shades, don’t they?”
We have non-reactive pink HST011; very pale non reactive pink and purple HS172A & (incredibly useful as a non-reactive layer that you can build on top of with more reactive enamels – or try them in plique-à-jour!); the best non-reactive red available HST005, see comparison below; two non-reactive semi-translucents / opalescents PS141A & B (try applying one of these direct on silver, then layering a traditional opalescent such as Blythe T8 over the top…YUM!); and silver flux.
In my opinion all of these are a must in every enamellist’s stash. And there’s more – some palettes still to come! Let’s have a look:”  Mer

Colors top to bottom.

Hirosawa PS141A,

 Hirosawa HST011

Hirosawa HS109C, 

Hirosawa HS172B 

Hirosawa HS172A 

Hirosawa H82

Beautiful Purple!! Thank you Mer for all your work and sharing! Check out all Mer’s great classes here   https://enamelworkshop.com/


While you’re visiting Mer at her enamel workshop you have to check out her tools and supplies. She carries some very unique supplies like gold paint, that you can paint on top of your enameled jewel.


Shell gold sold out right away

… so here’s more 🙂 now in two sizes Mer explains 

Use as watercolour (with wet brush) on a layer of enamel, then fire.

Before you begin painting, I recommend that you wipe the enamelled surface with one drop of surfactant on tissue paper. This will prepare the surface to make work easier during painting, not just shell gold and silver but also vitrifiable paints in water media.



Mer’s Enamel Workshop and supplies are offered as online classes and her supply store is in Belgium serving Europe and International sales as well. You have probably seen Mack’s store Enamel Art Supply selling Hirosawa enamels in the Cal,US and ships International also. Along with Merry-Lee Rae online enameling classes. Happy Enameling!







See the Jewelry Collection


Custom Cloisonne Jewelry and Custom Enamel Jewelry are a delight to me. Contact me if I can create a jewel of your very own inspired personal adornment! All of my creations are One of a Kind Jewelry, whether in Cloisonne Necklaces, Cloisonne Earrings or Enamel Jewels such as Plique a Jour, I am thrilled to design for you.”

Patsy Croft

The Matilija Poppy and The Mendocino Poppy Project

Mendocino Poppy Project by Tom Herman and Patsy Croft

Mendocino Poppy Project
by Tom Herman and Patsy Croft

 Check out our 2-year journey  at https://alohilanidesigns.com/matilija-poppy/

Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question, and I will reply soon


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