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Welcome to my Enameling Blog of Cloisonné Jewelry Techniques and others, Plique a Jour, Champlevé Enameling and yes Painting Enamels.


My site is a donation of everyone’s time to share and further the education of the fine art of enameling techniques. I am very happy to answer questions to help you, but please ask here and not emailing me directly. At the bottom of this page there is a comment section. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!!

I share my life’s passion and inspiration with anyone who wishes to read. I am a self-taught enamelist and goldsmith. I did not live here in the US where there was a knowledge base and to my advantage, my knowledge came from trial and error and today I continue to build on trial and error.


Read, test, analyze, and you will surely learn.









Mer with Enamel Works

Has an information full website of enameling classes, supples, and books. You should check it out!


Here is an fantastic article she has shared on opal enamels.


I was visiting her site today as she has a new book out that you might be interested in.

New Enameling Book Andreu Vilasis


Reid and Plique a Jour

Many of you understand this amazing technique of Plique a Jour. My amazing Grandson Reid is on his second piece of plique a jour. He has far surpassed many artist I have had the pleasure of working with even when he first joined me in the studio at 13 years. At 16, with school and activities, he does not get much time to create jewels, but when he does his patients at saw piercing is incredible. 

Stay tuned as this becomes a 3d plique a jour enamel jewel.

Reid Croft

Reid and plique a jour

See the Jewelry Collection


Custom Cloisonne Jewelry and Custom Enamel Jewelry are a delight to me. Contact me if I can create a jewel of your very own inspired personal adornment! All of my creations are One of a Kind Jewelry, whether in Cloisonne Necklaces, Cloisonne Earrings or Enamel Jewels such as Plique a Jour, I am thrilled to design for you.”

Patsy Croft

The Matilija Poppy and The Mendocino Poppy Project

Mendocino Poppy Project by Tom Herman and Patsy Croft

Mendocino Poppy Project
by Tom Herman and Patsy Croft

 Check out our 2-year journey  at https://alohilanidesigns.com/matilija-poppy/

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