The Jewelry of Patsy Croft

“Custom Cloisonne Jewelry and Custom Enamel Jewelry are a delight to me. Contact me if I can create a jewel of your very own inspired personal adornment! All of my creations are One of a Kind Jewelry, whether in Cloisonne Necklaces, Cloisonne Earrings or Enamel Jewels such as Plique a Jour, I am thrilled to design for you.”

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The Birth of a Cloisonné Artist and Teacher

Patsy Croft an enameling artist is the one behind Alohi Lani. Her passion for life and beauty shines through in her meticulous craftsmanship of Cloisonne Enamel Jewelry and Fine One of a Kind Jewelry.

A Fine Arts major from Florida State, she has a varied art background ranging from photography, drawing, fabrics, and clay, to her passion art jewelry. She has traveled the world gathering inspiration from all of her adventures and now works to create her own wearable interpretations of the natural beauty she has encountered. Patsy is passionate about the ocean and the planet and donates a portion of all profits to various environmental preservation groups. She creates from the finest quality silver, gold, enamels and gemstones.

Stylish, intense, yet entirely down-to-earth, Patsy Croft lives life outside the lines, refusing convention and championing individuality. Ironic, considering the cloisonne artist spends her days working carefully inside lines crafted in gold. But creativity will never be easily lost with Patsy.

Stacey Clark

Bird of Paradise in Plique a Jour Enamels 

With a body of work inspired by my travels and love of nature, I have earned a national reputation for my jewelry line, Alohi Lani Designs. My work is timeless and has sold in a number of high-end locations, including Nordstrom in Hawaii, Abaco Gold in Key West, Gold Chest in Grand Caymans, Makers Mark Sydney, Australia and Master’s Touch in Wakawau Hawaii. To include a commission from Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, and Finland and across the US and Canada.

            Recognized by the American Craft Council and the Society of National American Goldsmiths. Best in Show Athena Cloisonne Enamels Earring. 18k Gold

 Athena Cloisonne Enamels SNAG Best in Show Award












  The Mandrill

              I was contacted and asked to designed and create a piece for Andre Benjamin of the popular hip hop group Outkast, for his Grammy album after he spotted my work in an Atlanta jewelry gallery.


Hip Hop jewelry

The Mandrill for Andre 3000


My cloisonne represents a place to use my love of line drawings, a way to fulfill a passion for brilliant colors, and a chance to pay homage to the world of nature.

I always worked with my hands, My parents said I had a project going in every single room of the house. And my husband today can attest to this!

 While a fine arts major in college, I also became a prominent hair stylist and art gallery owner in the 1970s. Classes begin offered in Europe gave me the opportunity to study with designers Vidal Sassoon, Molton Brown, Joshua Galvin and many others. But despite the attraction to the latest styles, I came away with a lasting impression noticing that not everyone in the world was so trendy and wasteful. In Europe I saw women purchasing more timeless, quality items. The experience provided inspiration for the jewelry I would soon design, as did my exposure to exotic locales like Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Australia.


From my gallery days I bought several cloisonné pieces and was hooked. The move to Hawaii with my husband and small children, the stunning landscape inspired me back to my true love of creating art = cloisonné in earnest. Hawaii is like Candyland for artists, There are colors everywhere – the fish, the coral, the birds, the flowers, it’s spectacular. And so my jewelry line was born: Alohi Lani, meaning heavenly light.

My first thoughts in creating designs for enamel jewelry were all the beautiful colors and nature in Hawaii. The birds, ocean and of course fish. i received my diving certification in Florida in 1970 while in college. Making friends with a couple of strong swimmers we would head out several mornings a week and explore the ocean in front of us. Swimming was another one of my favorite activities in school team sports. 

My first was not my prettiest but I have always been a determined artist! And with practice I managed to get to where I am today.


I had a carport with electricity and began to  read and study. Through trial and error not only did I learn what worked but also developed no fear to experiment and develop my own creations.

I strive to create one-of-a-kind pieces that become cherished family heirlooms. In our throwaway society, hooked on trends and buying in bulk, my work speaks to permanence, striking natural beauty and using adornment to set oneself apart. 


    It seems like we’re all here for a reason, not just to copy everything that’s already been made, but to develop into it, I love to add on to things and stumble into new findings.

   That’s how I developed double-sided pieces, like the Carnivale Earrings, the back is just another canvas to be used, why let it sit there.blank? I am now working on three-dimensional pieces and adding chasing and plique-a-jour to my work. An artist evolves. I am thankful I did not have access to schools as it made me try things that I heard when I returned to the U.S. you can’t. I do not want to keep painting the same painting over and over again.


.In 2016 I was contacted to make the “Dragon” designed by Elisa Melegari for Whoopi Goldberg, a bracelet-ring combo of 18k of gold, diamonds, opals and fine enamels.



Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels NY 2019

Mendocino Poppy Project by Tom Herman and Patsy Croft


Tom Herman and I met on our path as jewelers early in 2000. In our journey of studying the masters of the past, we fell in love with the Ada brooch, realized that magnificent jewels in their time were not created by one artist.


With our passion for this jewel strong at heart, we were invited to teach a Master Jeweler’s Program at the Mendocino Art Center. The idea was to teach jointly, Tom chasing and saw piercing, and I plique a jour enameling in our first week, afterward, we’d have open studio time for students while we worked together to create a jewel.


For all of these reasons, the Matilija Poppy proved to be the perfect muse for a budding project conceived in 2015, The collaborating on a jewel, would be auctioned to benefit the Mendocino Art Center.


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