Cloisonne Explained and Everything you need to Know!

Cloisonne Explained and Everything you need to Know!

The fine art of Cloisonne, What is Cloisonne? A Cloisonne Tutorial.

Cloisonné is an ancient metalworking technique that first developed in Asia. The art of cloisonné is a multi-step enameling process that is often used to craft jewelry and vases. Cloisonné was originally developed to keep enamels separate so that the brilliant colors in either jewelry or vases are maintained.

Here is an in-depth look at everything you need to know for making Cloisonne.



With my design complete I began the wire work. As a process, I first form the base metal of fine silver, into the shape of the desired project. Then, the cloisonné wire – made of pure gold, is bent into shapes that define the colored areas of the finished piece. All bends are made of this fine gold ribbon, at right angles to the base allowing them to stand on their own and be fused to the fine silver.


                                                            My fine sliver sheet is formed and the larger design parts are in place.

                             And the best part begins! Adding enamels *)   Once the Frit glass or enamels are ground into a powder into a water base                 paste and they are painted into the partitions.


   I often design the back of a jewel. It feels like a canvas waiting to receive art.


. After the enamel has dried, it is fired in a kiln and repeated until the desired color and depth is achieved. The jewel is then ground and polished to form a smooth surface and a setting built for the cloisonné piece in 18k gold.

   Cloisonne Explained!


Cloisonne and Everything you need to know! Hope you have enjoyed my Cloisonne Tutorial