Plique a Jour Samples

I have been asked this week, “have you used opals and would you use them for plique a jour?” So I wanted to share some samples I made the year of the Poppy Project to help answer this question.

First we have choices to take classes or research. I did not live in the US when i fell in love with enameling. So I am a big fan of researching. There is a page on this site I have listed all the books I studied, to share with you. The page How to, Books for Enamelist.

I also had a call yesterday from a gentleman that said his enamels were coming out ugly.  With a few questions he said he was firing on sterling silver. I started the same way! My first book of chose.

Enamels Enameling Enamelist by Glenice L. Matthews when I read this I did the same thing. I did not know the difference between fine silver and sterling silver. With ugly results I read the book again.

Another GREAT Book I found written in 1906 I shared on the Book page is 

Art Enamelling on Metals by H.H. Gunynghame  ***  My Favorite. This was published in enameling artist experiences. But recently I found this, wow a republished in 2010 There is some great info in this book on plique a jour.

listed on Amazon Theory-Practice-Art-Enamelling-Upon-Metal

So long story short, research, try things, fail, then try again, and you will figure it out. Or you can come study with me and I will teach all I have learned in the past 30 years *)

The question from a young artist do you use opals in plique a jour. , Yes! I suggest to start here.I took all my opals and made a test plate.

and tried all of them.

Plique a JourPlique a Jour

As you can see ome blended and some did not. I traveled to museums looking at displays of plique a jour from the Masters of the 1900s. And came home and tried more to try to figure how they did it.

Study, try, fail, and try again. Read the book from the 1900 and you will learn alot about plique a jour! 

One more note the poppy was enameled with some opaque, some opal, and some transparent, to get the effect of the flower petals of the beautiful flower.
Plique a Jour

Mendocino Poppy Project by Tom Herman and Patsy Croft

Happy Enameling! Patsy