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Welcome to my blog Enameling Hotline of Cloisonne Jewelry Techniques and others such as Plique a Jour and Champleve Enameling Jewelry Techniques. My site is a donation of everyone’s time to share and further the education of the fine art of enameling techniques. I am very happy to answer questions to help you, but please ask here and not emailing me directly. It saves me time and allows others to share also. Thanks!!

Here I share my life’s passion and inspiration with anyone who wishes to read. I am a self-taught enamelist and goldsmith. I did not live here in the US where there was a knowledge base and to my advantage, my knowledge came from trial and error and today I continue to build on trial and error.





                                                                                                    Ornament Magazine

Wrote a beautiful 8-page article about Tom and I with the whole project. And how we donated to the Arts.  You as an artist do not have to take a year behind the bench to donate to the arts but here is a great donation.

Ornament Magazine has been writing about us= artist for 45 years, and you can support the arts by supporting them.


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“Custom Cloisonne Jewelry and Custom Enamel Jewelry are a delight to me. Contact me if I can create a jewel of your very own inspired personal adornment! All of my creations are One of a Kind Jewelry, whether in Cloisonne Necklaces, Cloisonne Earrings or Enamel Jewels such as Plique a Jour, I am thrilled to design for you.”

           Patsy Croft


https://alohilanidesigns.com/shop/Enameling Kilns

Enameling Supplies


                                                                Croft- Kilns

I am sorry to say I will no longer be able to build those awesome enameling kilns. The company that was building for me was sold and is currently not employing kiln builders. They are still available for repairs and parts for those of you that have purchased my kilns.

 I am available here if you need any technical support or parts, please contact me. If I cannot handle your needs I will get you with a tech. patsy@alohilanidesigns.com 


Graphite on Enamel, How to use.

As Lisa Bialac-Jehle puts it "Simple"  How to use Graphite on Enamel How to use graphite on enamel? Counter enamel on copper: Fire • White or other light enamel: Fire • Lightly etch the surface with glass etching cream. I use Etch-All For around 10 minutes. (Follow...

Settings of Enamel Jewels with Larissa

Unique Jewelry, Limoges Miniature Painted Enamels by Larissa Porgoretz uses the setting of enamels from the back. Here I have shared Larissa's amazing work from my enamel jewel collection  Her painting enamel technique is one of a kind. Her choice to set from the back...

The Matilija Poppy and The Mendocino Poppy Project

Mendocino Poppy Project by Tom Herman and Patsy Croft

Mendocino Poppy Project
by Tom Herman and Patsy Croft



Check out our 2-year journey  at https://alohilanidesigns.com/matilija-poppy/  

Enamel Test Plates

This is what I call Enamel Test Plates! Raj Lathigara, Ph.D. is serious about his journey in enameling. Getting to know your product is so important. I completely understand we are so excited when we see this beautiful art for of enameling, we just want to jump in and...

Plastics, We have to get rid of!!!! No Plastic!

APR 9, 2018 @ 12:11 PM 2,086,985 The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets Yet Another Dead Whale Is Grave Reminder Of Our Massive Plastic Problem Trevor Nace , CONTRIBUTOR Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Greenpeace Philippines WE have a...

Get Involved, look at this, just awful.

Get involved. This is awful! My grandsons and I picked up trash off the beautiful Coastline along the Alabama Gulf. I was pleased when they asked if we could do this during their summer break. The most plastic objects we picked up were straws. I believe if each time...






Plique a Jour Process




Plique a Jour Process




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