A few harder to find Enameling Supplies

All my enameling supplies for sale have been moved to my Croft kilns site. Check this link to order supplies


Here you will find,

Tuff Break, the soft rubber material that I like to place behind my cloisonne jewel in the setting.

Kiln Cloth or known as firing cloth. Material you can fire your enamel jewels on over fire brick or various trivets.

Kiln Wash is a plaster like powder to seal the fire brick on the floor of your kiln. And used on the kiln shelf to prevent fallen enamels from sticking.

Elements for Patsy Croft kilns

As far as  Croft- Kilns

Currently I am not building Patsy Croft Kilns. Sorry it has been a difficult couple of year to find qualified employees.

Enjoy Enameling

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