Enameling Supplies for Enamelist and Helpful Organizations


                                                                              Great Organizations




The Enamelist Society, Inc.     Volunteer arts organization founded in 1987 to promote the art of enameling.  http://www.enamelistsociety.org/

Society of North American Goldsmiths  Rekindle your passion and create new work. www.snagmetalsmith.org

 Southern Highland Craft Guild Revival of crafts.   www.southernhighlandguild.org

The Ganoksin Project The goal is to build a strong pool of information, freely accessible, for the benefit of the jeweler’s trade and the general public. 


 Florida Society of Goldsmiths A nonprofit organization created by metalsmiths to aid and support other metalsmiths through meetings, publicity, workshops, and exhibitions.   https://www.fsgmetal.org/




                                                                   Suppliers of Tools and Supplies


 GRS   Engraving Tools and Classes      www.grstools.com

 New Approach School for Jewelers  Jewelry School of Stone Setting = Excellent!  www.newapproachschool.com

 Thompson Enamels     Supplier of lead-free enamels, and all the tools you need to enamel.


Schlaifer’s Enameling Supplies      Carries a full line of the Thompson’s leaded enamels and some vintage enamels. www.enameling.com/Home.html

 Bovano     Also a supplier of leaded enamels, Cristallerie Enamels called Soyer. Love their blues 

www.bovano.com 203-272-3208 ask for Kevin or enamel your order info@bovano.com

 E-namels  Over 350 “hard to find” vintage enamel colors! Specializing in Thompson Enamel lead-based enamels

www.e-namels.com    And Scott will help you find enamels you need! Great customer service.

 Enamel Art Supply is a new company taking up  where Coral left off. After 40 years of bringing us Japanese enamels Coral shared so much, but now it is Mack that has opened her doors to importing enamels from Japan. And a new beautiful leaded enamel is available. Hirosaws Enamels are a new player to our game. I have tried quite a few and they are very clear! Check out the color chart on my home page or here is a link to Hirosaws Enamels  https://www.enamelartsupply.com/ Now suppling Ninomiya enamels also. Mack has new style firing racks *) no more crumbling steel in your kiln. And nice thick foil.

 Fusion Headquarters Enameling Supplies such as wet felt.  In plique a jour topics several artist use this to support enamels in large cells. www.fusionheadquarters.com

 Plating Services    https://www.redskyplating.com These guys are great!

 Copper Carbonate is used by an artist in the technique of Granulation and can be found at  www.artchemicals.com/

 Pearl Supplier if you are in need for some contact Betty Sue King The Pearl Goddess,  pearlgoddess.com/pearls/default.asp

Complete Casting Services The Best! Daniel has saved me many times.  http://www.racecarjewelry.com

 Casting in gold, silver, bronze/brass, pewter. Complete finishing services, machine, and hand polished Soldering and assembly. Enameling, Engraving by CNC machinery, CNC model is making Mold making… large selection of mold sizes for small and large castings. Call: 1-401-461-7803

 Amazon is a supplier I have found recently to purchase kiln wire. I like the 17 ga best to shape into jigs to hold or prop my enamel jewels while firing. It is called High Temp Wire Very helpful to support your unusual shapes and sizes of your enamel jewels.



Kiln Wire for Kiln Enameling


 Table Top Studio Great info on photographing your work.  http://www.tabletopstudio.com/

 Heat Stop supplied by Gesswein www.gesswein.com this excellent clay I love to use as a support while soldering small parts. You heat it with the small pieces in place, and it turns hard.


 An artist that can help with repairs      Joan Strott  all types of vitreous enamel repairs. Also works with resins. 709 Sansom St, Suite 202, Philadelphia PA, 19106 * 215-625-0504     joan@glassongold.com