[slider]Let’e start with your most important piece of equipment, your kiln. yes and if you want a quality piece of equipment, that will last a lifetime look at these ..http://croftkilns.com




                                                                                                 Patsy Croft Kiln #55F-IPW, front 5F-IPW Front




I am an enameling jewelry artist, and over the years in this wonderful job, I got tired of low-quality kilns so I decided to have theses kilns built in the USA. Just check them out. They are fabulous!




 Enameling Supplies I use and sell, you can see here. http://croftkilns.com/accessories/   These are just a few things to make it easy for you to find that are not available in one location. I have the enameling brushes, tuff break, kiln cloth, shelves for your kiln floor protection, and kiln cloth. Check it out.




 The Book, best I have seen and used is “Enamels, Enameling, Enamelist” link to Amazon



This is a great book that covers all forms of enameling to get you started.

The Enamelist Society, Inc.

 Volunteer arts organization founded in 1987 to promote the art of enameling.  www.enamelistsociety.org/index.html

Society of North American Goldsmiths  Rekindle your passion and create new work. www.snagmetalsmith.org

 Southern Highland Craft Guild Revival of crafts.   www.southernhighlandguild.org

The Ganoksin Project 

The goal is to build a strong pool of information, freely accessible, for the benefit of the jeweler’s trade and the general public.


 Florida Society of Goldsmiths

A nonprofit organization created by metalsmiths to aid and support other metalsmiths through meetings, publicity, workshops, and exhibitions.


Engraving Tools and Classes

  New Approach School for Jewelers  Jewelry School of Stone Setting = Excellent! And Hand Engraving www.newapproachschool.com


 Thompson Enamels     Supplier of lead-free enamels, and all the tools you need to enamel.  




Schlaifer’s Enameling Supplies      Carries a full line of the Thompson’s leaded enamels. www.enameling.com/Home.html


  Bovano     Also a supplier of leaded enamels, Cristallerie Enamels called Soyer. Love their blues 

www.bovano.com 203-272-3208




 E-namels  Over 350 “hard to find” vintage enamel colors! Specializing in Thompson Enamel lead-based enamels

www.e-namels.com    And Scott will help you find enamels you need!


 Enamel Art Supply is a new company taking over where Coral left off. After 40 years bring us Japanese enamels Mack has opened her doors to importing enamels from Japan. And a new beautiful leaded enamel is available. I have tried quite a few and they are very clear! check out the color chart on my home page or here is a link to Hirosaws Enamels       www.enamelartsupply.com Now suppling Ninomiya enamels also. 


 Fusion Headquarters Enameling Supplies such as fire cloth, wet felt.  www.fusionheadquarters.com


Plating Services    https://www.redskyplating.com These guys are great!


Hydraulic Press   Check the prices here www.dakotabulldog.com/dakota_bulldog_1_003.htm


Copper Carbonate is used by an artist in the technique of Granulation and can be found at  www.artchemicals.com/

Pearl Supplier if you are in need for some contact Betty Sue King The Pearl Goddess,  pearlgoddess.com/pearls/default.asp


Saign Charlestein is the man behind the tools! He builds high-quality jewelers guillotine for cutting the fine wire to create granules for jewelers that are interested in granulation! Check him out at www.metalsmithing-tools.com   



Volcano Arts    Great resource for brass and stainless steel nuts and bolts also mesh copper and textured copper sheets.

I used the small nuts and bolts in the assembly of this jewel. www.volcanoarts.biz/index.html


Complete Casting Services The Best! Daniel has saved me many times.  http://www.racecarjewelry.com

 Casting in gold, silver, bronze/brass, pewter. Complete finishing services, machine, and hand polished Soldering and assembly. Enameling, Engraving by CNC machinery, CNC model is making Mold making… large selection of mold sizes for small and large castings. Call: 1-401-461-7803

 Amazon is a supplier I have found recently to purchase kiln wire. I like the 17 ga best to shape into jigs to hold or prop my enamel jewels while firing. It is called High Temp Wire Very helpful to support your unusual shapes and sizes of your enamel jewels.




Kiln Wire for Kiln Enameling




Table Top Studio Great info on photographing your work.  www.tabletopstudio.com/documents/jewelry_photography.htm


Products That Make My Work Easier


Titanium Supplier http://www.alphaknifesupply.com/ti-sheet.htm


 Heat Stop supplied by Gesswein www.gesswein.com this excellent clay I love to use as a support to solder small parts. You heat it with the small pieces in place, and it turns hard.

 Precious Metal West www.preciousmetalswest.com/index.php They will make different alloys of gold on request. 800-999-7528


An artist that can help with repairs and enameling on Brass  John DeSalvio Company – Lorraine DeSalvio repairs all types of enamels – She also works with resins. 17 W. 45th #804 * NY, NY 10036 * 212-840-6654

Glass on Gold – Joan Strott-Alvini all types of vitreous enamel repairs. Also works with resins. 709 Sansom St, Suite 202, Philadelphia PA, 19106 * 215-625-0504




Light Up Your Watercolors by Linda Stevens Moyer      Great Book to learn more about color.


Get yourself a set of Winsor Newton Travel Watercolors, A block of watercolor paper that is Hot Pressed and a #3 Sable brush.

The travel kit of colors has 10 – 12 colors, all you need to start designing your enameled project. A block of watercolor paper is just that. The stack of paper’s edges are glued together because when it gets wet in normal conditions of painting with water the paper would warp, and it prevents that. Hot press is more likely to warp but it is a smoother paper than cold pressed. Great for a small painting of detail. And I find a #3 sable brush is a good size to get the job done without spending on several brushes.

Another wonderful book I came across this year is Arleta Peach’s Radiant Oils. Her demos are great for an enamelist.

“Colored Pencil Fast Techniques” by Bet Borgeson.

“Color Drawing Workshop” by Bet Borgeson.

Metalwork & Enameling by Herbert Maryon

 Art Enameling on Metals by H.H. Gunynghame  ***  My Favorite

Enameling on Metal, by Louis-Elie Millenet 1927

These last three were not written in our lifetime. But we sure have had plenty. These are interesting to me as you get a chance to hear how our Masters worked with enamels.



 The Treaties of Benvenuto Cellini On Goldsmithing and Sculpture   Great read! A little slow as it is in Old English but very interesting.

 Thompson Enamel Workbook

If you really want to understand vitreous enamels, the expansion rates, what enamels match what metals and much much more, that the time to get the workbook from Thompson and read away. I know we live in an immediate gratification world but if you are serious about enameling build a strong foundation and research your materials. www.thompsonenamel.com/products/publications/index.htm


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