US and More Enameling Instructors Sharing

Enameling Classes

Maybe one of these US enameling instructors are near you to share the wonderful art of enameling.
Find an enameling class near you!


Patsy Croft

Teaching one on one classes in my studio in Orange Beach AL. Cloisonné, Champlevé, Plique á Jour, kiln firing. All levels. email



Sheryl Carter Haupt 

I teach beginning and intermediate cloisonné enameling classes in my Green Valley Arizona (20 minutes south of Tucson) studio. 951 522-2230

Sheryl Carter Haupt



Merry-Lee Rae  Merry-Lee Rae’s Studio
Watsonville, CA 95076

My favorite teaching venue is in my own studio where I am able to offer intensive, personalized instruction with 10-12 students for a duration of 5 days.  It is a perfect opportunity for those of you wishing to establish strong technical skills whether you are an experienced enamellist or an aspiring beginner.

Merry-Lee Rae

Lynette Rosen    San Diego, California techniques: Cloisonne, Champleve, Bass Taille, Painting (lg and mini format), Sgrafitto, Serigraph (silkscreen), 3D and sculptural work in enamel copper, 80 Mesh, Watercolor and Airbrush. level  Basic, Intermediate and Advanced  email contact:  ljrosen.hall@gmail.comwebsite: 



  Ana Andras

Location:  South Beach, Miami, Florida
Course Level:  Beginners to Advance. ( Saturday and Tuesdays)
Ana Andras

Kathy Wilcox  Tallahassee, FL  Introduction to Enamel, stencils, sgraffito, screen printing, foils, drawing & painting techniques.  All levels, workshops and private lessons  My web site is   My email is

Kathy Wilcox


Leslie Litt  Located in Bogart,Ga  I teach beginners basic, intermediate  enameling,  and cloisonné, in my studio If the student has metal work knowledge I would teach saw and solder method of champleve. I teach mainly on copper but if a student wants to work on silver I will show them the foil method over copper and allow them to work directly on fine Silver. It all depends on their level.

Leslie Litt

Metal Arts Guild of Georgia has periodic enameling classes.   Doraville, GA 30340      It is a diverse organization of professional metalsmiths, jewelry designers, instructors, hobbyists, suppliers, gallery owners, and those who support the fine art of metalsmithing.


John Killmaster    Contact on FB   I’m in Boise  Idaho and do enamel workshops every so often by demand- get together and get me pinned down as to when, Professor at Boise State University, Former Professor at Boise State UniversityStudied MFA -Painting and Printmaking at Cranbrook Academy of Art.  Teaches in painting and liquid enamels. An amazing artist.

John Killmaster


 Karin Cernik and Jennifer Walterscheid (co-instructors)
Location Mark Arts (formerly Wichita Center for the Arts), 1307 N. Rock Road, Wichita, Kansas
Course level Beginner to advanced   there are four 10 week sessions per year
website for Mark Arts class



   Amy Roper Lyons
Location:         Summit, NJ
Techniques:     Plique a jour, cloisonne, basse taille
Levels offered: Beginner to advanced
Amy Roper Lyons


Barbara Marder    location, Artisans Asylum Somerville, MA 02143  technique, General Workshop stencil, sgrafitto, textures, wet-packing  workshop includes materials and training for independently working in enamel studio. level- beginner Also contact for private sessions  email website Next workshop Saturday February 1 link to sign up 


Sandra McEwen
location, The Artworks Studios, 200 Willard St. Wilmington, NC 28401
technique, Cloisonne Enamels on fine silver
level- all levels welcome.  I also offer private one-on-one champleve workshops
Next workshop  2 day workshop May 16-17, 2020
  Sandra McEwen


Lara Ginzburg I teach Cloisonne, Plique-a-Jour, Painting, for traditional metalsmithing and metal clay in my Yardley studio (about 20 min north of Philadelphia and just minutes away from Trenton NJ)

Lara Ginzburg

Adding other countries.


Artist: Mariya Yeskina,  Location: Russia, Moscow Level: from beginners to advanced  Email:

The ArtMetallofon a school founded by two sisters Yuliana and Mariya Yeskin. Maria and her colleagues are authentique artists and professional enamelists. They teach some enamel techniques, such as cloisonné, plique à jour, finift miniature and so on.

Online Classes

With so many have to stay home we have another opportunity to learn the great art of enameling with these talented artist sharing online.

Anne Dinan Different techniques, Some basic enameling experience needed,


Grandation Workshop with MerMer Almagro has several fabulous course for you on her site. I can tell you lots about how talented she is but check out her website here.   and the workshop trailer is on youtube the link is







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