The Amazon is Burning Jean Michel Cousteau

Amazon Burning



I have been watching the images of fires burning in the Amazon with horror.  Not only are trees that are hundreds of years old burning, and the animals that live in them, but the forest homes of the Indigenous people are burning, too.

Losing parts of the Amazon rainforest affects the whole planet.  The Amazon rainforest is one of the most unique, bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet, and it absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, something that helps reduce climate change.  So, when we lose parts of the forest we lose something that helps sustain our planet.

The fires burning in the Amazon are not due to climate change.  The fires are being started by people who want to clear the forest so they can grow soy and raise cattle.  And these people are emboldened by the President of Brazil, who wants the forest to be cleared to increase economic activity.  He said he wants to weaken the rights of Indigenous people who live in the forest and he wants to reduce the amount of their land.

The choices we make can make a difference.  It’s not enough to be outraged at the loss of the forest and the cruelty to the Indigenous people.  But reducing the amount of beef that we consume we will reduce the incentive to burn forest land.  And, it turns out, reducing our consumption of beef will also dramatically help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which will make a huge impact on climate change.

By making smart decisions and changing our lifestyles we will be able to look our kids in the eyes and say that we are doing everything we can to help pass on a healthy planet.  And we will be supporting Indigenous people who are asking for our help.  I am compelled to walk upon this Earth more gently and I hope you will join me, too.

Please watch my latest video: The Burning of the Amazon Forest.

“Protect the ocean and you protect yourself.”

Ocean of thanks for your continued support,

Jean-Michel Cousteau, President of Ocean Futures Society

The Art of Champleve by Phil Barnes

The Art of Champleve by Phil Barnes

Phil Barnes like his father was the Master of Champleve. And his recent book Engraving and Enamelling, The Art Of Champleve is a perfect reference book! Well written, simple and clearly he writes to share with us his family treasures. The tutorials are companioned with beautiful photos of his work.

Master Phil Barnes

Engraving and Enameling The Art of Champleve

One to have in your enameling library! By Phil Barnes

Mer Almagro’s Video of the enameling technique

Enjoy 2 clips from Mer Almagro’s Video of the enameling technique of Grisalla Opal.

Enjoy a clip from Mer Almagro’s Video of the enameling technique of Grisalla Opal. Here Mer gives you a beautiful Grisaille Enamel tutorial. I have seen Grisaille used with white opaque enamels over black opaque but her application using opals is just beautiful. After 30 years of enameling, you would think you have seen all the techniques. This is definitely a technique I will be using, I can see it helping me in my ocean scenes as well as in my animals. Her work is not only beautiful but also shows any enamelist a very delicate approach to shading your enamels. Here is a link to purchase her video below.

Foil Comparison for Enameling

Foil Comparison for Enameling

Foil Comparison for Enameling

Take a look at my notes on the available foil options for those of you that love to enamel.

Foil options for Enamelist

Foil options for Enamelist

Thompson’s foil gives you the best dollar value. I have tried many over the years and some not show here have been so thin they were impossible to use.

Thick to thin:

Hauser Miller will roll 24k gold foil to  .002 in very nice if you want to emboss the foil or use it on a top layer of the enamels.

Rio grand Tool Supplies is 23K gold and is very easy to use.

The 24 k foil listed here from Coral now being sold by Enamel Art Supply is in third place with thickness.

And Thompson’s Enamel Supply is the thinnest in this group.  But also the best value for the dollar. *)

Have fun enameling, Patsy

Painting Enamels with John Killmaster

Master John Killmaster has shared his painting enamel technique with us. Here he uses liquid enamels.