Gillie Byrom’s Book Painting in Enamels

Gillie Byrom’s Book Painting in Enamels



Gillie has a new book for us Painting in Enamels. This is not a style of enameling I use often but I always love to learn anything about enameling.  And I highly recommend this one! Check it out.

First a page of her color charts.

Painting In Enamels Color Chart


And next one page that caught my attention is how she transfers her image to the enamel. There are many ways to transfer your designs and this one is very helpful.

Enameling to me it truly an amazing art with so many varieties of technique. Visit her here. And let me know what you think.



Painting Enamels

What can you do? Help Our Home, Jean-Michel Cousteau

          Climate Change, There are ways that all of us can help.


I am attending the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 in New York during the next few days where I will be making several presentations. I am delighted to contribute to this summit to help propel actions to help solve climate change – the greatest issue of our time.

Due to climate change, our weather is getting more extreme and natural disasters are becoming more severe and more frequent. Hundreds of millions of people will need to find somewhere else to live due to climate change during the next decades.

There are ways that all of us can help. We can incorporate renewable energy into our lives and we can work to reduce our use of fossil fuels. The price of renewable energy today is very competitive compared to fossil fuel-based energy. And if you factor in the cost of bad air quality, health impacts, and environmental cleanup – the true cost of coal and other fossil fuels is higher than the cost of most renewable energy technologies.

Animal agriculture in the world contributes 14 – 18% of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, and the majority of this comes from the production of beef. If everyone would reduce the amount of meat we eat, we would greatly reduce one of the leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Protecting our planet and the quality of our lives can be very rewarding! Renewable energy is cleaner and healthier than carbon-based fuels. And plant-based eating is tasty! I want to look into the eyes of today’s youth and say that I am doing everything I can to help pass on a healthy planet.

Please watch my latest video: Climate Change – And What You Can Do!

“Protect the ocean and you protect yourself.”

Ocean of thanks for your continued support,

Jean-Michel Cousteau, President of Ocean Futures Society

                        Are you really trying? Do you really care about this or is it someone else’s problem.

Climate Change. Every day I see more and more plastic, Getting groceries with my husband and take a good look at our cart, it is shocking how much comes in plastic containers the is a one-time use. We are speaking to our grocery stores and restaurants. But I see plenty I can do personally.

Mer Almagro’s Video of Grisailla Enameling

Mer Almagro’s Video of Grisailla Enameling

Mer Almagro shares two Videos of the Enameling Technique of Grisalla with Opal Enamels.

Enjoy a clip from Mer Almagro’s video The Enameling Technique of Grisalla Opal, where Mer gives you a unique tutorial. I have seen Grisaille used with white opaque enamels over black opaque but her application using opals is just beautiful. After 30 years of enameling, you would think I  had seen all the techniques. This is definitely a technique I will be using, I can see it helping me in my ocean scenes as well as in my animals. Her work is not only beautiful but also shows any enamelist a very delicate approach to shading your enamels.

Below is a link to purchase her video.



A little more infomation on Grisalla

Foil Comparison for Enameling

Foil Comparison for Enameling

Foil Comparison for Enameling

Take a look at my notes on available foil comparison for enameling for those of you that love to enamel.

Foil options for Enamelist

Foil options for Enamelist

Thompson’s foil gives you the best dollar value. I have tried many over the years and some not show here have been so thin they were impossible for me to use.

Thick to thin:

Hauser Miller will roll 24k gold foil to  .002 in very nice if you want to emboss the foil or use it on a top layer of the enamels.

Rio grand Tool Supplies is 23K gold and is very easy to use.

The 24 k foil listed here from Coral now being sold by Enamel Art Supply is in third place with thickness.

And Thompson’s Enamel Supply is the thinnest in this group.  But also the best value for the dollar. *)

Have fun enameling, Patsy