Cloisonne Wire Sizes

Hauser Miller is whom I like to order my Cloisonne wire from as well as my Cloisonne bezel wire, for setting the cloisonne jewel. Here is a link to their site,

Although I prefer to set my cloisonne jewelry with 2.5 mm high 22k gold bezel with a thickness of 26ga and this is not on their chart, but they will supply it for you. When I am working in silver I will use the same sizes of wire for my settings just in Fine Silver.

Lower on the page is their stock sizes of cloison wire this is 24k gold wire. The two marked with the * are stock, readily available. The .005 x.040 is the taller wire and the .008. x .032 is the shorter in height cloison wire. I like to keep on hand 22ga 24k gold round wire as some times I need to pull it down, then roll it out, myself to create a very thin and short cloison wire  as here on the  back of these earrings.


The total thickness of the earrings is 1.5 mm. with a 24 ga fine silver disc in the center there is not much room for my cloison wires, yet I have them on both sides of the fine silver disc. The wires might be 1/8 of a mm here.

On the front of the same earrings, you can see the wires are thicker and a bit higher. It is nice to be able to customize these wires to your need.

When Andre 3000 from OutKast order the Mandrill Cloisonne Pendant, he wanted thicker cloison wires in the jewel. Here I cut the wires from fine silver sheet to achieve the look he was after.


6 thoughts on “Cloisonne Wire Sizes

  1. Mary Rose

    Hello, I have 2 questions:
    Re cloisonne wire I don’t understand what these sizes represent: .005 x.040.
    Is this per inch? Is one the thickness and the other the height?

    Do you use liquid enamel and do you have any information on it?

    Thank you

    1. Patsy Croft Post author

      Hi MB,

      Thanks for the visit. Yes it is the thickness and the height. It also comes in a thicker and shorter size. .008 x 0.32.

      Do you mean faux enamel. No I do not. I use vitreous enamels.

      Have a great day! Patsy


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